Why are we doing this? Why spend an hour or more each week taxing our nervous systems and straining to push hard into new active ranges of motion? What is Kinstretch trying to accomplish?


One person who did an excellent job in class essentially asked me this at Warhorse Barbell last weekend. It’s a great line of questioning. You should know why you do the things you do.

By attending Kinstretch classes on a regular (at least weekly) basis, you are trying to close the gap between your active and your passive ranges of motion. Lift one of your legs up as high as you can. That’s your active range of motion, the range in which you have motor control and can generate power in. Now pull it up higher with the aid of your hands. That’s your passive range of motion, or you could say your flexibility. The range your body can access but not control without an external aid. Next, let go with your hands and watch your leg fall. Everyone has some difference between the two. Ideally you want it to be no more than about 15 degrees. You have a lot of angles to close up. We want you to own all of them.

We’re working really hard to increase your total active ranges of motion as well. Not only will motor control increase, meaning you can better generate power from all of the ranges your body already knows, but over time we’ll uncover ranges you may not have touched since you were a child.

Change takes time. What Kinstretch does is apply FRC principles to make a safe environment that is also maximally efficient for fostering change. We help you learn how to send the clearest signals we can to your cells and neurology about what we’re trying to accomplish.

For best results, all Kinstretch instructors highly recommend, nay insist, that students take matters into their own hands and practice all the ranges of motion their joints have to offer on a daily basis. New cells are “born” every day, and they need to be trained what you want from them. Old cells need consistent signals to adapt. You are what you literally do.

 We want to increase and control all ranges of motion.

Kinstretch will make everything you do easier. Maximum effort put towards maximum ease everywhere else in life.

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