If you are familiar with Kinstretch, you would have heard the term Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) many times.  

CARs are end-range joint circles that allow us to maintain articular health, teach improved control, and serve as an assessment tool for joint health.

Your typical CARs routine focuses on controlling and assessing the entire end range of motion of a particular joint (you can find the routine here and here).  Yet, there are other variations of CARs such as Axial Rotations which make these tools applicable to many situations.

Axial Rotations can be done in any joint position, and allow us to work end-range control within specific positions.  This can be beneficial when working on joint capacity within a particular range of motion. An example of this is for someone who needs better overhead control for snatches.  By doing axial rotations in the overhead position, we can start to build better joint awareness and control specifically for the snatch.

I have seen axial rotations work wonders.  One recent case that clearly stood out to me was with a professional boxer.

This boxer had a weak left jab, and his arm felt heavy and fatigued during his matches.  Upon his assessment, he could not axially rotate his arm. My friend who currently works with him said it took 3 people to block compensatory movement in an attempt to teach him how to do this correctly.

Fast forward months later, he is now able to axially rotate his shoulder in many positions with relative ease.  His jab has become more powerful, it doesn’t fatigue as much, and has helped him build a better skill set for his sport.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your sport is; Kinstretch and axial rotations can help you!

Axial Rotations in the Butterfly base position are one of my favorite variations utilized in my Kinstretch classes.  You can learn more about how to do these in the video below.


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