Our Master Instructors

If you attend a KINSTRETCH™ Certification Seminar, in addition to Dr. Spina, you’re going to meet and be guided through your course by our outstanding team of Master Instructors. Each instructor has been taught and mentored by Dr. Spina and bring with them an expertise from their own personal endeavours (martial arts, yoga, mountain climbing, strength training, gymnastics, team sports etc) and have intimate, practical knowledge of how KINSTRETCH can and should be integrated into your and your clients’ areas of interest.

In addition to being incredible teachers, all of our Master Instructors operate their own businesses including fitness studios, physical therapy clinics, group fitness for professional and amateur teams, and personal training. As our Master Instructors are very active within our private Facebook groups, they are a tremendous knowledge base for you to ask questions as they pertain to your FRC and KINSTRETCH integration.

For more information on our Master Instructors (and some interesting videos), please click on their bios below.

Master Instructors

Dewey Nielsen
Dana John Heimbecker
Hunter Cook
Kristina Antidormi
Bryan Marugg

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