Roughly two years ago, I sustained a lower back injury that in some regards, I am still recovering from today.

It started after a workout. My lower back started to feel tight; a sensation I am very familiar with so I decided to quickly foam roll the area. I also added a t-spine rotation drill and some straight leg raises.  

The result was me being unable to stand-up; nevermind walk or attempt to take the four flights of stairs that would return me to street level.

Six months passed by and I was starting to feel better.  I was still limited to what I could do as far as athletics and fitness was concerned, and I was still searching for solutions to get me back to my good ol’ self.  At this time, I took the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Kinstretch courses with my coworkers.

After completing the FRC course, my eyes were opened to the importance of mobility training.  And by mobility training, I am not talking about simply adding a few more stretches here and there before or after you work out.  I am talking about a very meticulous system for building better mobility and joint capacity.

After the course I made it a point to do at least 30 days straight of Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) as well as shoulder and hip capsule PAILs and RAILs.  The results of this was uncanny. My pain levels were reduced significantly, and I was able to return to playing golf, weight lifting, and basketball with minimal limitations.  

Since then I have been continually putting a strong focus on mobility training using the Kinstretch principles.  I still have days where I am tight, or the pain may settle in, but today I have no restrictions on what I can or cannot do.  I understand flare ups may happen, and am happy to know I have a system that can help me out when the going gets tough.

CARs continue to be something I do daily to constantly assess my movement capabilities.  They give me information on how my body is feeling and let’s me know if I’ve pushed my body too far.  They also help me figure out where my limitations are, and what mobility drills need to be added to my program.

If you have been plagued with injury and want to find the same solutions for yourself, find a Kinstretch/FRC provider.  You will be surprised how much it could help you get your life back!

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