KINSTRETCH creator Dr. Andreo Spina, along with his team have traveled around the globe to teach and consult with many professional sports organizations, athletes, performers, and health & fitness companies that have already been reaping the rewards of KINSTRETCH.

Seattle Mariners

Already versed in Dr. Spina’s FR® and FRC® systems, we recently visited the incredibly talented trainers of the Seattle Mariners to chat about how they have also integrated KINSTRETCH as part of their player development.

In February of 2016 the inaugural Kinstretch Instructor Certification was held at the NIKE World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.  To date, Dr. Spina’s seminars are the only continuing education seminars ever to be held by NIKE.

We were recently back at NIKE World Headquarters in Beaverton in December of 2016, running a sold-out FRC® Certification and introducing a new group of attendees to Kinstretch.

ONNIT Academy

The second KINSTRETCH Instructor certification event was held at the amazing ONNIT academy in Austin, Texas in April of 2016.  ONNIT, founded by Aubrey Marcus and TV personality/comedian Joe Rogan, is a world leader in human optimization. 

In addition to hosting numerous FRC and FR Certification seminars at their tremendous facility, Dr. Spina is also a member and regular contributor for The ONNIT Pro Team.


Regarded as one of the top training teams in the world, numerous elite MMA athletes call the Blackzilians facility home. Certified by Dr. Spina, Dr. Jason Peacock has introduced FR, FRC and KINSTRETCH to the team with incredible results.

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