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This depends on the type and severity of the injury. Please contact your Kinstretch Instructor and let them know exactly what is going on.
Absolutely. Kinstretch classes can be very challenging. Just remember, Kinstretch classes aren’t meant to replace your current work-outs. They’re meant to help you improve your physical capabilities so you can continue to do what you love doing without the fear of getting injured.
Great question. Click here and you will be taken to our Find a Provider page. Simply type in your city, ZIP or Postal Code and you will be directed to classes in your area. If for some reason you can’t find one – send us a note from our Contact Page and we’ll help.
Absolutely and we highly recommend it. To improve at anything in life, practice is required.
Any athletic clothing you would wear for working out or a yoga class. Also check with the instructor if you should bring your own yoga mat. A water-bottle and a towel are great to have too.
A very wide variety of the population can and should do Kinstretch. We advise that you don’t have any pre existing injuries and that you contact the Instructor who’s class you will be be participating in beforehand.