Unlocking Movement Potential

Plateaus are the worst…. Stagnancy can do a number on your energy and performance.  Even though you might feel frustrated and weak, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are. Sure, you can do extra strength and accessory work or take some time off but if you don’t have sufficient mobility, chances are those plateaus are

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The Fluid Moving Surfer Conundrum; Kinstretch for Surfers

Most people’s bodies are not ready for surfing. They have poor mobility, strength and motor control issues thanks to our ever so convenient modern lifestyles. Surfing has movement prerequisites, and if your body can’t move in ways it needs to, injury or suboptimal surfing performance is the result. Surfers need to be fluid, agile, strong,

Noah Syndergaard Rethinks His Training: Fewer Weights, More Flexibility.

Noah Syndergaard is devising a new training strategy. The previous one emphasized packing more muscle onto the solid 6-foot-6 frame that had helped him earn the nickname Thor, and throttling up pitches that had already made him the hardest-throwing starter in the major leagues. “I’m always going to try to raise that kind of

Why Kinstretch?

Why are we doing this? Why spend an hour or more each week taxing our nervous systems and straining to push hard into new active ranges of motion? What is Kinstretch trying to accomplish? One person who did an excellent job in class essentially asked me this at Warhorse Barbell last weekend. It’s a great

Dr. Spina Shares 5 Tips to Help Your Kids Live Upright

5 Tips to Keep To Help Your Kids Live Upright Written by Dr. Andreo Spina, for The  Onnit Academy Tip #1. Don’t Rush Walking Although it is commonly portrayed as some sort of a race to prove genetic supremacy (especially on social media), the onset of motor capabilities in children including rolling, crawling, walking, running, climbing,

Dr. Spina explains that shoes were NOT part of the evolutionary process…

“The further humans stray from what they were naturally selected to do…the more their health suffers.”  An entire industry has been built on trying to treat and/or “prevent” foot pain and dysfunction in humans. We are constantly being told that our feet need ‘support,’ and our arches need to be ‘maintained.’ Products abound with

More than meets the eye.

Michael Terborg, certified FRCms and Kinstretch Instructor shares his insights about Kinstretch - and how there is a lot more going on than meets the (uninitiated) eye. As a competitive athlete in his youth, Mike trained hard, played hard, and accumulated his fair share of injuries that resulted in chronic pain and limitation

Want to improve your kicks? Here’s a few tips…

Dr. Chad Adams shares a few Kinstretch and FRC principles to help improve your kicks for martial arts and MMA. For more great tips, visit chirofusionutah.com

Muscle Hustle for Kids

Watch Pam Owens, a personal trainer, a nutrition coach, certified FRCms and certified Kinstretch instructor take 350 4th graders and their physical education teachers through CARs and base positions, a.k.a. exercises with animal names, at a golf event at The First Tee of Greater Houston. CARs was so much fun and challenging for the kids