Benefits of Kinstretch® on Anxiety

I can’t even begin to explain my excitement when I had a client come to me and say “Hey Andi, I was having a bad day at work and I was starting to have an anxiety attack. So, I removed myself from the situation and went and did some spinal CARs, and all the sudden

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What are Axial Rotations?

If you are familiar with Kinstretch, you would have heard the term Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) many times.   CARs are end-range joint circles that allow us to maintain articular health, teach improved control, and serve as an assessment tool for joint health. Your typical CARs routine focuses on controlling and assessing the entire end

Unlocking Movement Potential

Plateaus are the worst…. Stagnancy can do a number on your energy and performance.  Even though you might feel frustrated and weak, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are. Sure, you can do extra strength and accessory work or take some time off but if you don’t have sufficient mobility, chances are those plateaus are

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A Journey Through Pain, A Solution Through Kinstretch

Roughly two years ago, I sustained a lower back injury that in some regards, I am still recovering from today. It started after a workout. My lower back started to feel tight; a sensation I am very familiar with so I decided to quickly foam roll the area. I also added a t-spine rotation drill

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The Fluid Moving Surfer Conundrum; Kinstretch for Surfers

Most people’s bodies are not ready for surfing. They have poor mobility, strength and motor control issues thanks to our ever so convenient modern lifestyles. Surfing has movement prerequisites, and if your body can’t move in ways it needs to, injury or suboptimal surfing performance is the result. Surfers need to be fluid, agile, strong,

Building Your Personal Kinstretch Practice

As Kinstretch continues to find its way into more and more homes, you may find yourself wondering; “What should I be doing to improve my mobility?” There is a plethora of exercises and information being pumped through the internet these days.  This steady stream of information, even if coming from the best sources, can create