Bryan Marugg
LMT, FR® (full body) Practitioner, FRCms

Bryan is a movement and mobility specialist, as well as licensed massage therapist in the State of Oregon.  As owner of Adapt Bodywork, Bryan utilizes methods from both FR and FRC to help aid in client recovery and optimization for their wellness goals.  He has the unique ability to view and work with individuals using multiple lenses, that of a therapist and coach.

Bryan is the head coach at Impact Jiu Jitsu Newberg for both youth and adults programs.  He has trained extensively in BJJ and competed and medaled in many prestigious international Jiu Jitsu tournaments.

Bryan has over a decade of experience coaching a variety of individuals with specific goals and needs, ranging from ages 4 to 90.  He believes training and treating individuals is an art and his responsibility lies in refining essential skills daily, to help clients improve.

Bryan’s Videos

Kinstretch Isometric movement paths from half kneeling cossack t0 half 90. Fighting to maximize tension with each transition.

Cossack kinetic stretch. Working to open up the end range ‘pocket’ using all regressive angular (shortening tissue) tissue to pull myself deeper into position with every rep.

Kinstretch number 4 ISOmp (isometric movement paths) to butterfly.

Kinstretch warm up for Jiu Jitsu class. Perfect to get your joints and surrounding tissues warmed up and prepared for battle on the mats.


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Dewey Nielsen
Hunter Cook
Kristina Antidormi
Dana John Heimbecker

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