I can’t even begin to explain my excitement when I had a client come to me and say “Hey Andi, I was having a bad day at work and I was starting to have an anxiety attack. So, I removed myself from the situation and went and did some spinal CARs, and all the sudden I felt better.” It’s an amazing reminder that Kinstretch® has many benefits.

During Kinstretch® we slow down our movements, focus on individual areas of our bodies and control our breathing. When looking at research these activities are all fundamental ways to assist in controlling anxiety. “…, all mind and body treatments can improve mood, anxiety and other symptoms of mental illness.” (“Complementary Health…, 2017). I can also vouch for the research on a personal front, as someone with an intense Generalized Anxiety Disorder, the focus of Kinstretch® is on point with what I have been advised by my psychologist to participate in for years.

Kinstretch® is all about focusing on each individual joint and to do so one needs to drop the outside world and think about what is moving and how. Completing Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs), is the first step in the process. Can you move your cervical spine without hiking up your shoulder? What about that ankle? Is it able to move without the knee? Then the toes and the focus required to get the big toe to move without the little toes.

Two of the types of movement training completed during Kinstretch® are Progressive Angular Isometric Loading (PAILs) and Regressive Angular Isometric Loading (RAILs). This is where one puts themselves in an end range stretch, breaths in on a 5 count  and out on a 10 count to relax the nervous system. This pattern is a great way to get your breathing under control from the quick and shortened breathing that can be generated from anxiety. What about when we complete the PAILs contraction? We have to focus on having tension through our entire body and focusing energy on a specific area of the body and same with the RAILs, it’s just different tissue.

Kinstretch® is what makes us better at being human both mentally, emotionally and physically.


“Complementary Health Approaches.” National Alliance for Mental Illness, December 2017, https://www.nami.org/Learn-More/Treatment/Complementary-Health-Approaches


Andi C Segur FRCms, FRAs, Certified Kinstretch Instructor

Website: www.everydaystrengthandmovement.com


Strength and Conditioning Coach at: Vertical World – Seattle